T-Bone Walker – Sings The Blues


Referência: PURE PLEASURE LP9098
Etiqueta: Pure Pleasure
Embalagem: 1 LPs – 33RPM
Gramagem: 180 gramas
Código de barras: 5060149620564

T-Bone Walker is one of the all-time greats, an innovator and significant influence on just about every blues guitarist who followed. But his musical legacy is also incredibly enjoyable, full of humor as well as invention. A man who played the blues with flair, sophistication, technical brilliance and a sense of humor. Walker pioneered the electric guitar sound that helped create the blues and thus influenced all popular music that followed. He played one of the first electric guitars in the mid-’30s, recording with it in 1939. His single-string solos influenced blues players like B.B. King and such rockers as Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan.


Strollin’ With Bones
You Don’t Love Me
You Don’t Understand
Say! Pretty Baby
Tell Me What’s the Reason
Blue Mood
The Sun Went Down
Travelin’ Blues
Evil Hearted Woman
Cold, Cold Feeling
I Got the Blues Again
Blues Is a Woman

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