Leopold Stokowski – Rhapsodies


Referência AS AAPC 2471-33
Etiqueta Analogue Productions – RCA Living Stereo
Embalagem 1LP
Gramagem Vinil 200g


RCA Living Stereo classical LPs — the gold standard for top quality orchestral performance and sound!

Remastered from the original master tape and cut at 33 1/3 RPM by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound

Lacquers plated by Gary Salstrom and pressed on 200-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings!

“These records are definitive.” — Michael Fremer, editor, AnalogPlanet.com

Winner of a Gruvy Award, chosen by AnalogPlanet’s editor, Michael Fremer, for vinyl records that are musically and sonically outstanding and are also well mastered and pressed. http://www.analogplanet.com/content/gruvy-awards

“These are the best vinyl releases of RCA LPs I’ve yet heard.” — Jonathan Valin, executive editor, The Absolute Sound

1 Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies
2 Enesco Roumanian Rhapsody No.1
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