Jazz At The Pawnshop


Referência: 2XHD-V1232

Etiqueta: 2XHD

Embalagem: Duplo de 33rpm

Gramagem: 200gr

Código de barras: 632726369194

AAA Audiophile 200-gram 33 1/3 RPM double LP!

Mastered by René Laflamme at 2xHD on Nagra equipment with vacuum tube tape head electronic

Cut all analog at Bernie Grundman Mastering!

Jazz At The Pawnshop, recorded at Stampen Jazz Club in Stockholm on December 14-15, 1976, has been regarded as “The Best Jazz Recording of the Century!“ The recording’s musical artistry and sonic excellence have few peers.

In the liner notes, album producer Jacob Boethius says “When recording engineer Gert Palmcrantz was loading his car with equipment outside Europa Film Studios in Stockholm, Sweden on December 6th, 1976, it was only to make one of many recordings. No one really knew then that this was to become a cult recording among audiophiles and one of the most famous and respected jazz recordings ever made. The mere fact that a single jazz recording has been released in so many formats over a very long period of time (30 years) tells us that this recording must really be unique.

“The two recording nights at the Pawnshop jazz club were exceptional indeed. The crowd lifted the musicians to the peak of their abilities, and I sat together with two Nagra recorders and engineer Gert Palmcrantz in the small bar kitchen and listened to the result of a microphone set up of a lifetime, surrounded by five musicians playing in some kind of trance. Total sales of the recording now exceed 500,000 copies, a tremendously good sales figure for classic jazz. And the records still sell at the rate of 3,000 — 4,000 copies per year today, some 40+ years after release.”

Side A
1. Limehouse Blues
2. I’m Confessin’
Side B
1. Struttin’ with Some Barbecue
2. Jeep’s Blues
3. Stuffy
Side C
1. Lady Be Good
2. Here Is That Rainy Day
3. Barbados
Side D
1. How High the Moon
2. Take Five
3. Everything Happens to Me


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