Son House – Father of the Delta Blues


Referência: PPAN9217
Etiqueta: Pure Pleasure
Embalagem: 2 LP 33 rpm
Gramagem: 180 gr

After being rediscovered by the folk-blues community in the early ’60s, Son House rose to the occasion and recorded this magnificent set of performances. Allowed to stretch out past the shorter running time of the original 78s, House turns in wonderful, steaming performances of some of his best-known material. On some tracks, House is supplemented by folk-blues researcher/musician Alan Wilson, who would later become a member of the blues-rock group Canned Heat and here plays some nice second guitar and harmonica on several cuts.

1. Death Letter
2. Pearline
3. Louise McGhee
4. John the Revelator
5. Empire State Express
6. Preachin’ Blues
7. Grinning In Your face
8. Sundown
9. Levee Camp Moan
10. President Kennedy
11. A Down The Staff
12. Motherless Children
13. Yonder Comes My Mother
14. Shake It and Break It
15. Pony Blues
16. Downhearted Blues


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