Paul Desmond - Take Ten



RCA LSP-2569
EtiquetaSpeakers Corner – RCA
Embalagem1 LP
GramagemVinil 180 g

No, not Take Five but Take Ten is the title of this LP and its very first number. Certainly this should not be taken as a hint that it was not Dave Brubeck but Paul Desmond who was the composer of this “million seller.” At the recording session, the guitarist Jim Hall was more than a substitute for the piano – he contributed to the quartet a whole new sound coloring which was tinged with the influences of bossa nova. The numbers are all easy-going and airy, the melodic lines and sound are filled with transparency. All the while one is curious as to the clear part-writing, and the wealth of ideas emanating from the soloists. This does not only apply to the old favorites “Alone Together,” “Nancy” and “The One I Love,” all three of them arrangements made ad hoc in the studio and which demonstrate how familiar the musicians were with one another, how they listened to one another, answered, and kept the dialogue flowing. The atmosphere is relaxed, and this conveys itself to the listener even after almost half a century.

1Take Ten
2El Prince
3Alone Together
5Theme from ”Black Orpheus”
6Nancy (With the Laughing Face)
7Samba de Orfeu
8The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)