Duke Ellington - Masterpieces By Ellington



ReferênciaAAPJ 4418-43
EtiquetaAnalogue Productions
Embalagem2 LP 33 RPM
GramagemVinil 200 g

“…while the 33 was a startler, the new (45 RPM) version — spread out on two LPs, to accommodate the wider grooves — will leave you breathless. There’s more sparkle to Ellington’s piano, more wood in Wendell Marshall’s bass, more breath and reed and romance in Johnny Hodges’ alto sax, more force in Jimmy Hamilton’s hard-blown clarinet. Each player in the horn sections sounds more distinct; I hear more of Duke’s playing, underneath those sections, too. And soloists — palpable enough in 33 1/3 RPM — are holographic at 45. In short, the 45 lets us hear more of the music, more of the detail, more of the human presence; it transports us more completely back in time.” — Fred Kaplan, Stereophile.com, June 17, 2017. Read the whole review here.

1Mood Indigo
2Sophisticated Lady
3The Tattooed Bride