Didgeridoo Percussion Mystic



Referência LP_83048
Etiqueta Clearaudio
Embalagem 1 LP – 33rpm
Gramagem Vinil 180 g

The Didgeridoo, also called a Yidaki, is a primitive instrument dating back 40,000 years. It is created and played by the aborigines of northern Australia. The instrument is typically made from the stringy bark or eucalyptus sapling.

The didgeridoo is considered a percussion instrument because of its drone tone and the way it has been used historically. Some history books show the traditional Aborigines seated with a didgeridoo and clap sticks and other wood type instruments for percussion.

Recorded live utilizing the Heinz Wildhagen analog technology, Clearaudio takes great pride in creating this highest quality audiophile recording. Mystic Percussion Didgeridoo is the result of an impromptu recording session of six musicians. Upon listening, the incredible possibilities of expression of the didgeridoo is realized which is enhanced by vocals and percussion instruments.

1 Warm Up
2 Percussion Jungle
3 Happy Breathing
4 Oceans
5 E-slide
6 Arabian Romance
7 Trance
8 Ping Pong
9 Horse Rider
10 Mystic
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