Nat "King" Cole - Where Did Everyone Go?


ReferênciaAAPP 1859-45
EtiquetaAnalogue Productions
Embalagem2 LP – 45rpm
GramagemVinil 180g


Included with this deluxe reissue is a striking six-panel booklet complete with rare photos, a 3,200-word essay by Chris Hall on the album and a 1,200-word essay by Michael Fremer about the remastering process. This truly is a no-expenses-spared project, resulting in the ultimate version of this title.

Analogue Productions’ Blue Note and Nat “King” Cole Reissues WIN A Positive Feedback 2010 Brutus Award!
“…if you haven’t picked up every one of the Blue Note and Nat King Cole reissues from Chad Kassem and company at Acoustic Sounds, you’re really missing out!” – David W. Robinson, Positive Feedback, Issue 52

“As this series of Nat ‘King’ Cole LPs, pressed on two 45rpm discs, concentrates on his golden era, you know what to expect: perfect sound quality, breathtaking arrangements, tasteful material and that voice. Aaah! That voice!” Sound Quality = 95% out of 100% – Ken Kessler, HiFi News, November 2010

“…the Nat King Cole LPs are astonishingly beautiful, particularly played through my new Wilson Maxx3’s. They make me cry.” – Max Paley, Acoustic Sounds customer


1Where Did Everyone Go?
2Say It Isn’t So
3If Love Ain’t There
4(Ah, The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young
5Am I Blue?
6Someone To Tell It To
7The End Of A Love Affair
8I Keep Goin’ Back To Joe’s
9Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside)
10No, I Don’t Want Her
11Spring Is Here
12That’s All There Is
Bonus tracks:
1A Farewell To Arms
2Happy New Year