Led Zeppelin – Mothership


Remasterizado das masters de 2014/2015 96Hz/24bit com supervisão de Jimmy Page 

4LPs de 33RPM prensados na RTI

Edição com livro extra 


Referência AATL 344700R
Etiqueta Atlantic
Embalagem 4 LP + livro
Gramagem Vinil 180 g
Código de Barras 081227954109

For a band that eschewed single releases — they barred them at home in England, while accepting their necessity in the far larger expanse of the U.S. — Led Zeppelin is remembered almost as much for its songwriting talents as the sonically huge rock that made the band legendary. Mothership ranges across Zeppelin’s eight studio albums, gathering cranked-up folk-rock (“Stairway to Heaven”), post-psychedelic drone (“Kashmir”), punky manifestos (“Communication Breakdown”), skewed reggae-pop (“D’yer Mak’er”) and a 50’s-ish request to “take you to the movies” (“Houses of the Holy”). Whether taken as a handy primer for newcomers or a happy reminder of some of the music’s finest moments, the double-album again reveals a four-piece with a lot to say — and loads of imagination with which to say it.

LP 1

Lado 1
1 Good Times Bad Times
2 Communication Breakdown
3 Dazed and Confused
4 Babe I’m Gonna Leave You
Lado 2
5 Whole Lotta Love
6 Ramble On
7 Heartbreaker
8 Immigrant Song

LP 2

Lado 1
1 Since I’ve Been Loving You
2 Rock And Roll
3 Black Dog
Lado 2
4 When The Levee Breaks
5 Stairway To Heaven
6 The Rain Song

LP 3

Lado 1
1 Over The Hills And Far Away
2 D’yer Mak’er
3 No Quarter
Lado 2
4 Trampled Under Foot
5 Houses Of The Holy
6 Kashmir

LP 4

Lado 1
1 Nobody’s Fault But Mine
2 Achilles Last Stand
Lado 2
3 In The Evening
4 All My Love


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