Juilliard String Quartet - Bartok: The Six String Quartets



D3S 717
EtiquetaSpeakers Corner – Columbia
Embalagem3 LP – 33RPM
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Bartók’s six String Quartets, written throughout the span of roughly 30 years, demonstrate his development as a composer in the purest form. “In the Quartets,” stated Bartók, “I condense to the extreme.” In the very first quartet, which is orientated on traditional formal structures, Bartók travels down his own path by lending different weight to the various formal sections, rejecting repeats, and joining the movements together by means of bridging passages.

The second quartet is exemplary for its intentional distance from the Romantic in favour of a composition based on simple folksongs, in which Bartók attempts to grasp the folk sound in his compositional structures, whereby he never quite disregards the tonal rules but certainly begins to free himself from them.

String Quartet No. 1
IIIIntroduzione: Allegro; Allegro Vivace
String Quartet No. 2
IIAllegro Molto Capriccioso
String Quartet No. 3
Prima Parte: Moderato
Seconda Parte: Allegro
Recapitulazione Della Prima Parte: Moderato
Coda: Allegro Molto
String Quartet No. 4
IIPrestissimo, Con Sordino
IIINon Troppo Lento
IVAllegretto Pizzicato
VAllegro Molto
String Quartet No. 5
IIAdagio Molto
IIIScherzo: Alla Bulgarese
VFinale: Allegro Vivace
String Quartet No. 6
IMesto; Vivace
IIMesto; Marcia
IIIMesto: Burletta: Moderato