Anne Bisson – Blue Mind


180-gram 45 RPM double LP!

Deluxe laminated gatefold jacket! Remastered by Bernie Grundman and pressed at RTI!

Referência: CAM LP5-4109B

Etiqueta: Camilio Records

Embalagem: Duplo de 45rpm

Gramagem: 180gr

Código de barras: 619061410958

“The songs on the album show that Bisson has an innate sense of composition. The songs are warm and intimate and speak directly to the heart. She makes them all the more evocative with a voice that can be fragile and haunting, gently alluring and inviting, as it wraps itself around the underlying emotion of the lyrics.” — Jerry D’Souza, All About Jazz

These fantastic audiophile tracks from Bisson’s 2009 debut album, Blue Mind, return as a 180-gram 2LP 45 RPM sonic masterpiece. Bisson and Simaudio join forces with legendary producer, conductor and arranger Guy St-Onge, along with Rene Laflamme of Fidelio Audio, bassist Normand Guilbault and drummer Paul Brochu on the recording date.

Bisson delivers a rich and warm midrange, with sultry tones that envelop and embrace. The first time you hear Bisson’s crystal clear voice, you’ll likely get shivers, while subsequent listens will reveal a depth and emotional core that resonate long after the final chord has sounded. Melodies soar with a delicate confidence through changes that are a unique blend of jazz and vocal pop.

Blue Mind was recorded live July 21-22, 2008, at Reference Studio in St-Calixte, Quebec. It was mastered by Marc-Olivier Bouchard, assisted by Laflamme, at Pure Mastering in St-Calixte. There are no overdubs on any song except “Dragonfly.” With the exception of “Hoping Love Will Last” (Steve Hackett), all songs were written by Anne Bisson.

Side A:
1. Soothing Your Soul
2. Little Black Lake
3. Hoping Love Will Last
Side B:
1. Camilio
2. Why Is It So
Side C:
1. September in Montreal
2. Secret Survivor
3. Do What You Please
Side D:
1. Blue Mind
2. Dragonfly
3. New Start
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