Alison Krauss and Union Station - So Long So Wrong


EtiquetaMobile Fidelity
Embalagem12 LP
GramagemVinil 180g


Available for the first time on vinyl. This must-have two-LP set gets more addictive with every play. Call it bluegrass or call it acoustic pop. Either way, Alison Krauss and Union Station have created an incredible montage of music. As usual, it is Alison’s beautiful vocals that give it that “high, lonesome sound.” There are 13 vocal songs and one instrumental on this two-record set. Krauss is the lead vocalist on eight of the songs and Union Station members share the other lead vocals. The virtuoso musicians comprising the group are Barry Bales (acoustic bass), Ron Block (banjo, guitar), Adam Steffey (mandolin), and Dan Tyminski (guitar). Of course Krauss started her career as a violinist (fiddler to the bluegrass world) and she doesn’t leave that instrument out either. Due to the resolution of the MFSL Ultra Analog Cutting System, all the acoustic instruments and voices on the record are reproduced with an exceptional sense of space and clarity.


1So Long, So Wrong
2No Place to Hide
3Deeper Than Crying
4I Can Let Go Now
5The Road Is a Lover
6Little Liza Jane
7It Doesn’t Matter
8Find My Way Back to My Heart
9I’ll Remember You Love in My Prayers
10Looking in the Eyes of Love
11Pain of a Troubled Life
13Blue Trail of Sorrow
14There Is a Reason